I'm really excited about what's coming up! Dad has put alot of time into these 'lil pictures of me. He's not much of a photographer, so I make up for it by being a real "ham"..:-) So grab some popcorn, pull ya up a chair, and relax!

Guess I must have created a "monster" cuz he has put together a manual slide show, my favorite, that is linked and ready to go!

Sure hope you enjoy my "life-in-pictures"!! Let me know,ok?

About the slide show....Dad says "let it load, this ain't "rush-hour", and juz run ur mouse (I like that part!!) over the buttons"...Oh, you also need javascript enabled, ok? Click on the "arrow" button when you've seen enuf of me..:-)

Movie Time

Guess What? Dad says he's ready with another slide show. Alright! This one you just have to click on the "forward" button to advance, ok? He's put alot of time into this.....Sure hope I'm worth it...:-)))

Another Show