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Good Evening , and welcome to my 'lil crib on the web. My name is DooLittle, a seven (I feel more like eight) year old orange male Tabby. Now that you know me, let's see now, where do I begin my story?

I came from a broken home. When my owners seperated, juz before my first birthday, I found myself on the "street", since neither wanted me! But I figure luck was on my side, since this was in early Spring, with plenty of mice, birds, etc for food. Water was everywhere! Juz had to be real careful about sleeping under cars, ya know? Oh, forgot to tell you, I got pretty good at "calling" birds. Would lay really still and could snag 'em at a paws-reach! :-)

Was walking around one afternoon in July of '99, when I spied this guy sitting on his deck working with something on a table. I decided to walk up the steps, introduce myself with a loud "meow", and see what might happen. He said "Hi Kitty", and right then and there I knew I was gonna win him over.:-)) I began playing with his pens and paper on the table, and guess what? He let me!! After finishing his work he finally went inside, but I decided to hang around awhile.

Later that evening I was on his deck when a "huge" black cat came by to check me out. I was scared!. He heard the noise and opened the door. That's all I needed, cuz I was in like a flash. He also had company that night. I was thirsty and hungry so the water he gave me was great, but that stale cereal, well, I wasn't "that" hungry! This nice Lady went to the store, while he stayed with me. She bought food, yes, "real" food, litter, and a stupid "green" mouse. What was she thinkin'? From that day on, I became known as DooLittle, and had a real Dad!

Many trials have taken place, since that wonderful evening, testing Dad's patience with me. I wanted to sleep on his bed, but would get too "playful", since I have my front claws, if you know what I mean? He would put water baracades, aluminum foil, tape, and anything else to keep me from coming into his bedroom! Dad was really trying to love me, but I still had one more "huge" challenge for him. Not only did I have my front claws, but I was still very much a "male" kitty!! I had a "mark" on just about every wall in his home. Dad followed me around with that squirt bottle of something "smelly", just saying "Dammit-DooLittle"! I could tell he was just about to "lose" it. And then the "dreaded" day came!

Dad came into the kitchen, where I was sleeping, with this cage looking thing. He said, "DooLittle, we're goin' for a ride". He left me in a nice room, with a sweet lady, but I knew something was "up". I woke the next morning with Dad, and that cage looking thing, waiting to take me for another ride. Home, YESSS. He wouldn't let me jump onto the kitchen table for a day or two, and couldn't understand why. I felt like a "new" kitty :-) Dad put that spray bottle away and I haven't seen it since, nor heard "Dammit-DooLittle". Good!

We are having some really fun times, Dad and me, since our "ruff" beginning. He keeps me in the house all the time, but when I hear him say "outside", I'm ready for the harness, and a stroll out onto the deck. Even tho I have no intentions of running off, he puts me on that ole leash. I did try to jump off once, and there I was, juz hangin' in mid-air, with my harness. Whew, Dad came to my rescue, and made my leash just a 'lil shorter. :-) So what sorta "toys" do I like to play with?

Anything that has to do with fishin', it seems. Dad has a 'lil shiny lure with rattles, no hooks of course, on this line. I just love to chase and jump after it. That stupid green mouse is a dud! And then there's my worm :-) I play with it, chase it all over the floor, and throw it in the air until I wear myself out! But here's my favorite....Dad's ole fishin' pole. I will chase, jump, grab, and bite the tip of it till I wear Dad out. :-) I still have my Teddy Bear, but he's juz my "buddy", and not a toy. Oh Oh, I almost forgot! Those 'lil aluminum foil balls. Dad throws them around juz to watch me chase them. And when he's too busy, I love a good game of "floor-hockey". But there's something about under the fridge. Cuz that's where they always go! And then out comes the yardstick.:-))

About six years or so have passed since I "moved-in". You're probably wonderin' about my Dad, and how he's doin', huh? He works a really crazy shift. When I'm ready to play at night, he's going to work. Home he comes, when I'm just waking up, in the morning. He still spends, as he says "bonding-time", with me before he goes to bed every day..:-))

My story will be continuing as times passes. I have at least "6 or 7" lives left! Dad put a bird feeder up yesterday, for the winter time, so maybe I can practice my bird "calls", again! Oh, guess what? Dad's gonna be a gold prospector.$$$$$ He got this kit thing for Christmas. I'm sure tired of watchin' that "sure-fire" panning tricks video! Anyways, Dad enjoys it. I hear him say he's gonna be goin' out on the deck for practice, and guess what? Out comes the harness and I get to go too!

Sure glad I was able to get out for awhile, tho. We're in a deep-freeze right now. I wanna look out tha front door, every once in a while, but it's too cold! Sure hope there isn't alot of kitties having to live outside right now..:-( I gotta tell ya something funny about Dad. Remember when I told ya he bought a bird feeder? Well, no birds came, so he thot it scared them away. Yesterday he connected two plastic soda bottles, poked all sorts of holes and sticks thru it, filled the ugly thinghy with seeds, and waited! And waited! For his satisfaction and my curiosity, I sure hope they show up this time..LoL

Guess what folks? It's been a couple weeks now, and the birds have found the feeder! Sure makes me happy, and Dad thinks he's a "bird-expert"..LoL Well, I think Dad has gone a 'lil "gold-crazy"...More shtuff and another flick for me to watch. ...Something about running water down a roof gutter to trap tha 'lil flakes. What happened to all tha big "nuggets"? Oh, well, guess it all pays the same!!

Spring is finally here, even tho that shtupid groundhog saw his shadow! I saw a Robin yesterday and even though he didn't look to "bright", he was at least here. Dad's feeders are workin' really good, but I won't say anymore than that. LoL.. I had another trip in that cage thinghy the other day and "ouch"..Two shots to make me stay healthy, yea right!!!

What about Toby? Guess I haven't said much about him, huh? He's a cute 'lil turtle that Dad found crossing the hiway. That's sorta "crunch" time for those guys..:-(( I was gonna take really good care of him, b/4 Dad figured out that was easier said than done. He needed alot more attention than I do, so Dad had to turn him loose behind our home. I kept watchin' out the door for awhile, but never saw him again. Sure miss Toby, but guess he's better off now.

Summer has been a 'lil break for me. Dad has really been busy with work and shtuff. I still get to go outside whenever he cuts the grass. He's been working on his boat along time now. I know he really wants to go fishing, so I don't get in his way, at all...:-)) Did I tell ya he talks to himself? I over heard him saying, the other day, "This boat is gonna be ready before the snow flies"...LoL I juz look at him and say, to myself, "ya goof-ball"!!!

Something has really been bothering me. I don't know if I should do this, but what tha "meow"! Remember the sweet lady that got me the green mouse? I have become a real "buddy" with her two very cute puppies. Just wanted you to see them.

Huge Update! Dad just got married. Can you believe that? And after all those years with me, oh well. But guess what? She's a really neet lady and I like her alot. Her name's Debbie. She makes sure my food bowl is always full and "sneaks" a treat, when Dad's not around!! Her folks were visiting a while back, I call them....Mom and Pop...so I had to be a real ham again for a couple pics. I think Dad has them on a link somewhere, so check it out, ok?

Time has really been moving since I've been with Dad. I just found out that he's gonna retire from work. He has been lookin' a little tired here lately..LoL Wow, that means he will be with me all day now, instead of sleeping. That will be really neet! Guess what happened the other morning? Debbie went to work and I watched her leave from the front door like always. Dad came back in the house and started doing some chores. I went in and layed under the table in the kitchen (something I've never done before). Later Dad started looking for me. He looked everywhere, calling for me. Went outside and walked around the house, guess he thot I slipped out the door. Looked twice in all the cabinets.....everywhere but the fridge!! And THEN he finally saw me. You should've seen the look on his face, "priceless". Guess I'll have to find another good hiding place, huh?

P.S. this is Dad. Doolittle hasn't been feeling well for several years, so hasn't kept you entertained. Yesterday, Nov 6, 2013, I lost him. It was a very quiet and peaceful passing. It's very difficult now as Doolittle had become a part of my life for so many years. He would want to thank all of you for also being a part of his "Life & Times"....

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